CBP11 - Chris DuckerIn this episode I am exploring business collaboration with Chris Ducker. Chris is specialized in outsourcing and runs three businesses based in the Philippines. Chris explains in this podcast how collaboration is about relationship and how that comes back to running his business. Even running traditional “brick and mortar” businesses, Chris explains how his first priority is the relationship with his people that will translate back into the success of his business.

The superhero syndrome is what large majority of entrepreneurs suffer from and the misconception of the believe in their minds that they have to do everything themselves. Chris is a big believer that as we grow we should become smarter. Building a team and delegating tasks will allow you to grow. The superhero syndrome prevents many entrepreneurs to grow as they are not able to let go and delegate.

In this episode you will hear Chris explain how late 2009 he realized for himself that he is not a superhero. Being hit by a burnout, he was in the hard way made aware that he needed to organize differently. Early 2010 Chris wrote his first blogpost where he announced that by the end of 2010 he would be a virtual CEO. Chris accomplished the goal by replacing himself by a team of people. Since then he is only working 4 days a week and runs three standing meetings of 20 minutes every monday morning to stay focused and keep the business running.

“Virtual Freedom” is the title of Chris’ upcoming book. It describes how an entrepreneur can buy time to become more productive and ultimately build a dream business. It is a “how to” book about being incredible productive and working with a team of virtual employees to run and support a business.

“Virtual Freedom” is on pre-sale at the moment and will launch on April 1, 2014. If you buy the book on pre-sale and send your receipt to Chris, you will benefit a number of bonuses like case studies, that Chris will add for early buyers.

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Question: What is your experience with creating time and growing your business through collaboration and outsourcing? Share it in the comments below!

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