Alliance communication is essential for valuable partnerships

If I only had to name one topic that causes alliances and partnerships to fail, it would be alliance communication. In this knowledge base I would like to introduce you to some key aspects of effective communication in partnerships.

Communication is about many things. Demonstrating integrity, role modeling to your team, organization and partner honesty. Additionally, it is about ethical behavior and organizational values. It is about trust and respect. Communication is about encouraging constructive dialogue. It is also about creating a shared vision by getting input from others. It is about creating momentum and inspiring others. As you can see, there are many aspects to communication. It is simple, but not easy!

Communication is a leadership competence

Leadership and communication are inseparably connected. They are the essential cornerstones for successful collaboration. Communication goes further than just sharing information. Good communication will prevent misunderstandings and create trust.

Effective communication starts with being aware of your own communication patterns. When it comes to alliance communication, how do you communicate with customers, partners and colleagues?  Are you being clear and transparent or is there room for improvement?

Tips for alliance communication

As I have mentioned before, alliance communication consists of many aspects. Therefore, there is no one magical trick to effective communication. However, there are some simple tips to improve your alliance communication.

The easiest way is to make sure you show up when you agree on a meeting. Not showing up or showing up late is killing the trust level in your partnership. So, make sure you are on time, or you notify your partner on time to reschedule.

Another trick for effective communication is making sure you respond to messages from your partner. Your partner is giving you his full attention, so don’t ignore him. Even a “no thank you” is a valid answer.

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