Collaborative Leadership Development

You are a successful leader. You want to sustain and increase your success as a leader, with your team and in collaboration with other organisations in alliances, partnerships and ecosystems. To do so, you’ll need to further develop yourself, possibly change your behavior and manage and involve your stakeholders. Success might look like an overnight change, but in fact it is a lasting conscious journey following a solid roadmap.  

We live in the decades of collaboration. As a successful leader you realise that going through this journey alone is not an option. Being alone is solitary and lacks the valuable input of others. Other people who will see you differently to how you see yourself. These people, your stakeholders, will provide helpful input for your development. This input is called “feedforward”, it gives you ideas about how you can be even more successful in the future.

Work with a coach

Working with a coach on your collaborative leadership success is much like working with a guide on a journey. Your coach is independent from your organisation and committed to guiding you on your journey to greater success. He or she will be your sounding board and will provide ideas aimed at helping you achieve your goals. Your coach will provide you with a different, outside in, view about yourself and about your work.

Working with a coach on your success journey will help you to: 

  • Gain success in a less stressful way.
  • Improve your team performance.
  • Improve your personal productivity.
  • Grow your collaborative leadership capabilities.
  • Grow your organisation’s partnering capabilities.
  • Grow your organisation’s attractiveness as a partner of choice. 

The above list is not exhaustive, there will be other areas where working with a coach will also impact positively.

Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, summarised it in this way:

“Every famous athlete, every famous performer, has somebody who is a coach. Someone who can watch what they are doing and say ‘is that really what you meant, did you really do that thing?’

They will give them perspective. The one thing people are never good at is seeing themselves as others see them. A coach will really, really help.”

How Does a Typical Coaching Engagement Work?

A coaching engagement is always tailored to your individual situation and needs. The description below contains a general roadmap for a coaching journey. Your roadmap might look different.

Regular calls

My coaching is held on a monthly basis. Every month, we’ll conduct at least one online Zoom call. We might have more than one call. Each should last approximately 45 to 90 minutes. During that time, we’ll discuss your plans, challenges and examine your progress. It doesn’t end there. In between our regular calls, you’ll have my unlimited email and telephone support. In addition to the regular Zoom calls, we can always schedule additional calls if necessary or even meet in person in one of your office locations, if accessible.

Personal development and changing behavior is a conscious lasting journey which takes time. Generally, a collaborative leadership coaching engagement lasts approximately one year and operates one-to-one. However, depending on your projects, you may want to include other members from your team or we could decide to include multiple contact persons too.  

Stakeholder Involvement

I believe that as part of the coaching engagement, it is often useful to involve your stakeholders, or the stakeholders of a specific project. If we decide this is suitable, as your coach, I will interview a set of relevant stakeholders to solicit a 360 degree view. These interviews will be summarised in a report that will provide you valuable insights about your performance as a collaborative leader. The report will also clearly highlight development areas for you as a leader. 

Throughout the coaching programme, these stakeholders will be involved by you for 3-5 minutes input on a regular basis. This so-called feedforward will provide you with regular input and ideas on your development and the collaboration capabilities of the organisation. It creates involvement and accountability for the stakeholders to support and to take part in the process, which impacts the organisation as a whole. 

Explore Coaching 

Your ideal sparring partner and guide on your journey is someone you trust, someone who understands your role and its challenges. I know your situation: I have been an Alliance Executive leading amongst others the alliance between IBM and Royal Philips. Since 2010 I have been coaching and training collaborative leaders like you across all industry segments.

Click to schedule time with me to find out if I am the right fit for you and to learn how you can benefit from my coaching.


  • Peter is an excellent strategic alliances and personal coach. His sharp observations, and thought provoking questions, helped me in defining a purpose-driven approach to my (professional) life.
    Jorge FernandesInnovation Executive and Strategic Advisor
  • Peter is gifted with the ability to coach executives so they can take their leadership skills to the next level. He creates a safe environment where one can openly discuss situations in which even the most experienced leader can benefit from his advice. His ability to make a given individual understand and execute on his or her opportunities to become a better leader has enabled me to perform my best and, most importantly, to guide my team through change and uncertainty.

    Andi GardnerBiogenDirector, Alliance Management & Integration
  • Peter is extremely flexible in his approach, allowing me to guide the content and structure of the sessions, but always ensuring that he fully understands the challenges being faced. He offers sound advice and often draws on his own experiences, which adds a very useful dimension to ideation and problem solving.

    Helen MartinMedinCellStrategic Alliances Manager
  • Peter is a fantastic mentor and a real alliance expert. He is very experienced and knowledgeable in this industry and gave me (us) a lot of valuable advice. His input was invaluable for the improved effectiveness of our strategic partnership programmes.

    Stéphane LucchiniMedinCellBusiness Development and Alliance Management Director
  • Peter is the coach and mentor you want by your side during those “headwind” situations, when progress seems difficult, as well as “tailwind” situations when the wind is at your back and there’s a need to sustain focus during fast paced growth.

    Janice Babia-RamosJohnson and JohnsonGlobal Marketing Director
  • Peter helped us to re-focus on the most important drivers for success in our alliances. With his structured approach and year-long experience, he was able to instill passion and clear direction.

    Tobias NittelSAS InstituteAlliance Director