Last week I was asked to name a collaboration I have been in, a collaboration that worked best and why it worked best. Immediately I had to think about a collaboration I had in the early 90’s with a supplier. We jointly served a client and whenever the client asked a question, either one of us would answer it, regardless of whom he asked it. We had a solid communication together and we always made sure that the best person would answer the client. For the client we acted as one.

Do remember, the early 90’s was the day of “old fashioned” technology. No email, no mobile phones, no whatsapp or text messaging. We were simply using telephones that were connected to a line (remember those?). Good communication doesn’t require fancy technology.  

Whenever I am asked for the reason why partnerships, alliances or relationships fail, I can name a whole list of causes. However, there is one that stands out above all other causes, and that is lack of communication or bad communication.

Bad communication is often not a matter of unwillingness, but more assuming that sending a message is sufficient. Transmitting in that way is so easy. I must admit that I am sometimes guilty of that habit too. But communication is a two way street. You can’t just transmit and expect that it is being received. You need to check and hear the feedback as well.

Think about it: How good is your communication?

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