What is an alliance manager?

An alliance manager has a key role in facilitating successful partnerships. I usually compare it to being a conductor in an orchestra. They need to unify the alliance partners and their team members. Just like a conductor needs to ensure the orchestra plays in tune by unifying its performers.

What characteristics do you need to become a successful alliance manager?

Alliance managers need to possess certain characteristics to be successful in their role. They need to be a diplomat and a lobbyist, an analyst, strategist, business manager and relationship manager.  A strategic alliance manager will lobby to keep all parties aligned, and analyze the partnership to properly set out the course of action. 

What makes a successful alliance manager?

So, if you look at the job description, you will see a great number of roles and characteristics that have to be fulfilled. Successful alliance managers are very aware of this. They will use these traits to manage their alliance, both internally as well as with their partners. But the most important asset for alliance managers is that they are a true people person. When you have to work with a broad group of people, being a natural relationship builder is essential to the role. 

Would you like to improve your skills?

As a business coach I have worked with many alliance managers over the years. In a personal coaching trajectory we work on their goals and leadership qualities, to improve the overall performance of themselves and their team. When you are interested in an in depth exploration of your role as an alliance manager, coaching might be something for you. Also, the following articles are interesting if you want to learn more about alliance management.