CBP28 - What is an Alliance Manager?During the past week I read a blogpost by Karyn Greenstreet, containing three simple tips about using Google Analytics for your own website.

One of the tips was to look into which pages are the most popular on your website. I followed the tips and found my website’s most popular pages.

The question “What is an alliance manager?” is not only the most sought after term on my website, it is also a question I get asked a lot. It is a question with multiple answers, also depending on the person you are asking.

Simply said, an alliance manager is the conductor for the alliance. He or she makes sure that all participants sing from the same hymn sheet.

In other words the alliance manager is responsible for the day-to-day operation of his alliances or partnerships. That includes project management, relationship management and making sure the objectives of the alliance are achieved.

A colleague once told me that as an alliance manager, I was the glue that keeps it all together and the lubricant that keeps the engine running. You know how it is with glue and lubricant; you often only notice what their function is when they are not there.

So, there must be more to the role of an alliance manager than we at first sight suspect. Tune in to this episode where I am diving further into the role of an alliance manager!

Every alliance is different, and so will every role description have a different spin to it and you might have an adjusted view on it.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below:
What for you is an alliance manager?

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