In an alliance training you’ll learn tools and methods to build strong collaborations. Here you will find many articles on this important subject. 

What do you learn in alliance training?

In an alliance training you get the tools and methods to build strong collaborations. To help organizations grow, alliances are increasingly used as a strategic tool. With this rise in importance, it is essential to know how to ‘do alliances right’. Investing in alliance education can be a good step for you and your company. An alliance training can help you overcome major alliance and partnership challenges. 

What are the benefits of alliance training?

With alliance training, the improvement of your alliance management skills can result in as much as a 60% higher success rate. You get clarity on how alliances are the most agile way to remain competitive in the rapidly transforming business sector. And you learn which steps you should take to accelerate the growth of your organization by increasing your partnership success. While there is no concrete recipe to success because all alliances are unique, there is a roadmap to help you become a stellar alliance professional

Alliance Masterclass

With the knowledge that 50-75% of formed alliances fail, it’s worth investing in alliance training to increase the chances of success. Our masterclass is proven to be very useful to former applicants, with tips and knowledge that can directly be applied in their day to day partnerships. The masterclass will not only aid you with alliance management in your current company, but it will also help you develop leadership skills that will be useful throughout your career. 

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