Recently we’ve noticed rising interest in alliances & partnerships. My alliance partner Anoop Nathwani and I hear it in the many conversations that we have.  We’ve also read  multiple consultancy reports that highlight the importance of forming Alliances and Partnerships for the prosperous future of an organisation. Take for example, the 2021 CEO study by IBM that highlighted that Outperformers, in clear contrast to Underperformers, report a heightened emphasis on partnerships. They cite partnerships as the most important factor, creating current & future planned success and driving value for their customers.

Alliances & Partnerships are the New Leadership

Bringing Alliances and Partnerships to success requires different skills and knowledge than just working on your own as an organisation or buying another organisation. Additionally, it requires  different attitudes, behaviours, company cultures and dialogues both within your own organisation as in working with your partner organisation/s. In other words, bringing Alliances and Partnerships to success requires new leadership!

In the Alliance Masterclass you will learn all about these required skills and the knowledge needed. Key benefits from attending the Alliance Masterclass include:

  • Gaining new – alliance – leadership skills to use throughout your career.
  • Becoming a stellar alliance professional and being able to skillfully drive your important Alliances and Partnerships opportunities.
  • Being able to increase your Alliance and Partnership success and help accelerate the growth and innovation opportunities for your company, demonstrating strong value for your organisation.

The next Alliance Masterclass will take place with lessons on 6th, 19th and 31st October. 

What You Will Gain by Attending

Your investment, besides your time and effort will be EUR 1,750.00 (excl VAT as applicable).  Just to reiterate, for that amount you will gain access to the following outstanding activities: 

  • 3x content-packed live Masterclass sessions hosted by Anoop and myself, as world-class Alliances and Partnerships’ experts, working through scenarios with typical challenges that help to clarify best practice approaches and tools – through interaction and experiential learning.
  • 2x 1-hour group coaching calls as a follow-up to the Alliance Masterclass to ensure learning implementation and answer your questions
  • eBooks, worksheets and template resources: key tools for applying proven methods and structures to any alliance type.
  • Free access to the Alliance Accelerator online learning platform.
  • An exclusive invitation to join our private members-only community – where continued learning and invaluable networking happens!

Remember: attending the Alliance Masterclass will equip you with new, essential, leadership skills! 

Will we see you in class? Read more about the Alliance Masterclass here or go straight to registration and claim your seat here. Remember to register on time, to ensure maximum interactivity and attention for every attendee we keep the number of participants limited.

“The learning experience was wonderful. I found the combination of “homework,” case studies, and class presentations to be very effective. The opportunity to learn from peers added to the impact of the course overall. It is one of the best-run online learning experiences I have attended.” 
Head of Alliance Management – Biotechnology Research Organisation