Which is the reference literature you recommend me to start the topic of strategic alliances?

This is one of the questions I received back on my newsletter and blogpost a few weeks ago. At that time I asked you what you want to know about strategic alliances and partnerships – you can still respond to that question here. I received some great questions and this was one of them.

So, where to start in the literature? The answer depends on what you already know about strategic alliances and what you want to learn. Let’s assume the topic is new to you, then here is my top 3 of reading material for you:

  1. Read my ebook as it is an introduction into the topic of partnerships and strategic alliances. At this very moment, I am finalizing a completely renewed version of my ebook that I expect will be ready somewhere this week. Sign up here and you will automatically receive a copy in your email once it is ready.
  2. The book “Strategic Alliances – Three Ways to Make Them Work” by Steve Steinhilber provides a good overview of how Cisco approaches strategic alliances. It is an easy read and from that perspective a good introduction into the topic of using a structured approach to strategic alliances.
  3. Choosing a number three is a challenge, as there is a lot to read and there are a number of good books on my readinglist. One from the list in particular to recommend is ASAP’s own “Handbook of Alliance Management”, describing the full process of creating and managing alliances.

Last Thursday was Nelson Mandela day and Mr. Mandela reached the respectable age of 95. Quite recently I read his autobiography “Long Walk to Freedom”. Although the book is not directly about creating partnerships and strategic alliances, I highly recommend you reading it. It contains many lessons for us based on the things Mr. Mandela did and had to do in his fight against apartheid. Lessons that include topics as leadership, building trust and creating partnerships – like we do in alliances. It is well written and a great read, all combined it makes it an excellent book for the holiday season.

Make sure to check out the readinglist on my website with books and white papers on the topic.

What would you add as a recommendable reading on partnerships and strategic alliances?
3 books for the summer