Communication might be the most difficult element in relationships. If you take a look at your own relationships, in your personal life as well as your business life, I am sure you will recognize that some of them are better than others. With the good ones, the communication is smooth, natural, and probably never a burden. With the not so good ones however, your communication might be difficult. You will probably always have a reason not to call the person, as you might think that “Now is not the right time”.

Two tips for increased communication and better relationships:


Use the right tools.

Not every person is the same. Some like to talk, some like to read, some like short messages and some like the longer versions. Choose the right tool to communicate for the best results. If you choose a tool that does not give an instant reply, like a conversation does, then don’t blame the other for not responding. You don’t know what keeps them busy, until you have actually heard from them.


Deliver good news fast and bad news even faster.

Timely communication is essential. Deliver news fast, deliver bad news even faster. No answer remains no answer, and your message will not go away. Even if the answer is “No” you will earn more respect when you tell it, than when you hide.


Good communication will enhance your relationships, improves your trustworthiness and increases respect.