Often I compare following education with a making a journey.  In both cases the actual event is only part of the experience. Most often it starts with the preparation like booking the tickets and reading about your destination before embarking on the actual journey.

Education starts with enlisting for the course and doing your preparation homework before the actual course starts. Both of them do not end with the actual event either. You will carry the sweet memories and experiences of your journey going forward and for some journeys people say that they only really start after arriving at the destination.

It is being said that the Camino as I walked to Santiago de Compostela only really starts when you are back home. Only then you will learn what the Camino experience has done to you.

The real benefit of education will really only show after your participation in the course, when you are back in your regular work. Then you will be able to apply it to your work and thus carry the learning forward. This is also the point where the experience may be different. Where it is nice to daydream about the wonderful journey you made there might be a risk that in the rush of all daily activities you easily fall back into previous habits and continue the work as you always did it.

The real benefit of the education will then probably not be captured. So wouldn’t it be nice to have continues education available? A model where you can easily go back to follow a lesson, to look up the details you just learned and check theory again when you need it to use in your work?

That is precisely what the online Alliance Masterclass offers you. As long as you have access to the Internet the online program is available. You can lookup the theory and apply it to your work. Wondering how the cadence of governance worked or the peer to peer mapping was most effectively done? Just look it up, refresh your knowledge and download the templates to use directly in your work.

The program also offers a coaching module that will help you on a monthly basis with some theory and homework on some of the most important topics in managing alliances. Like a gentle reminder to stay sharp in your alliances, and it can be activated whenever you need them.

Education is a journey, start your journey in alliances here in the online Alliance Masterclass program.