How valuable would it be to be measurably more effective in your work?

Your answer might vary, but whatever your job role is, becoming measurably more effective is valuable. Both for you as well as for your organization. The value might pay off in money as well as in time. Perhaps the value of being more effective in your work is invaluable…

So, let’s become more effective in our work!

That might be easier said than done. Being more effective at work requires a behavior change and there are two sides to behavior changes: actually doing it and being perceived by others that you are doing it. Changing a behavior can be a short term fix and does not have to be difficult. You can agree with yourself that you are going to do it and set some reminders to actively do it. Changing the perceptions of others about your behavior takes time.

In this short video, Marshall Goldsmith explains why it is more difficult to change perceptions than behaviors:

Becoming measurably more effective in your work requires a long-term investment of your time and effort. In the video Marshall also touches upon some of the essentials of the Stakeholder Centered Coaching methodology. This methodology will not only help you to change, but it will also help embed the change in the organization by involving your stakeholders. The principles of this methodology can be  equally applied in order to become more effective in your leadership, your alliances and your teamwork.

Do you want to become measurably more effective in your work?

Download a short overview of the Stakeholder Centered Coaching methodology here or contact me for a non-committal call with me to explore how this can benefit you.