Teamwork Last wednesday the first episode of my new podcast launched. As you may recall from last week’s newsletter, I am planning to bring bi-weekly conversations with experts in the field of collaboration and business people who have built their businesses thanks to one or more collaborations into ‘The Collaborative Business Podcast’.

I have experienced that there is more to a production of a podcast than at first appears. The interview might even be the easiest part: after interviewing Anoop Nathwani the audio needed to be edited as it turned out that I had an annoying echo on my end and the intro and outtro files needed to be added to it. As I am not a skilled audio editor, it became time for me to practice what I preach and find a collaboration partner who could do so for me. is a great website where you can search for all kind of specialists who can be hired for all kinds of projects everywhere in the world. So after a selection on Elance, I found a great audio editor in Istanbul who made all my audio files into one audio file and the echo magically disappeared. Subsequently the audio also needed a text version and hence I searched Elance again for a transcriptionist.

The creation of a podcast episode turns into a true global teamwork: recorded in Amsterdam, edited in Istanbul, transcribed in Colorado. I expect that this is the type of new business collaboration we will be seeing more and more and I can highly recommend the use of a tool like to find co-workers for your next project.

An introduction into the collaborative business spectrum, a conversation about spiritual principles in alliance management and a conversation with a lady who travels the world while running her online business are a few of the topics planned for the next episodes of my podcast. These conversations will focus on both the traditional collaborations as we know them in strategic alliances and will focus on new types of business collaboration.

You can listen to the current conversation (or read the transcript) with Anoop Nathwani or subscribe directly in iTunes. I look forward to your feedback and suggestions for upcoming guests!

Have a great week!

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