How often do you hear the question “What do you do?” Recently, I was reminded of that question, and the fact that although many people read and are inspired by my bi-weekly newsletter, it does not necessarily mean that people actually know what I do. So someone advised me to describe what I do! Here’s a little summary of my role.

Alliances are the New Leadership

I believe that the future of business is in collaboration; no company can go it alone. Working together with other organisations in strategic alliances and partnerships is the best way to develop synergy and create speed. In doing so, it enables the type of growth that can’t be realised by one company working alone. It also means that those involved need to develop new leadership skills. By developing the alliance leadership skills needed to succeed, these skills will benefit and grow not only your company,  but also your own capabilities.

Work With a Coach

Working with a coach on your alliance leadership success is much like working with a guide on a journey. As your coach I’m committed to guiding you along your journey to greater success. I will be your sounding board and will provide ideas aimed at helping you achieve your goals. As your coach, I’m independent from your organisation and I will provide you with a different, “outside in” view about yourself and about your work.

Train (Your Team)

Practice makes perfect. Would you expect a top athlete to show up without practising and perform at their best to win a game? Probably not. The same applies to employees in an organisation; we need to learn and practice skills to be able to be at peak performance for the company where we work. In our Alliance Masterclass we teach and practice alliance-specific skills to enable you and your team to deliver stellar results within your alliances.

Keep it Healthy

Are we still on track and where can we improve? Important topics to know, yet not easy to define when you are in the middle of a collaboration. That’s where my Alliance Health Check comes in! It measures how your alliance is doing and helps you to identify possible areas for improving your alliance. The results of my Alliance Health Check are presented in a report with clearly defined areas for improvement.

Making Business Collaborations Work

Did you know that research has shown that 80% of the companies that follow a structured approach create successful strategic alliances and partnerships, while on the other hand 80% of ad hoc, unstructured alliances fail?

My work is designed to help you and your team to belong to the group of companies that report success with their strategic alliances and partnerships! In other words; I help you make your business collaborations work!