Collaboration is everywhere: We are approaching a collaborative networked economy where no company can go it alone. Partnerships will become of greater importance than they already are today; at least, that is my opinion. I know there are still many executives out there who feel that the only way to grow, is to acquire or to build within the walls of their own company. They seek to control and they are challenged by, and uncomfortable with, trust-based growth.


However, that’s the old way of growing. 


A few months ago an executive from a traditional organization shared with me that he was afraid that his company would no longer exist in 10 years from now if they would not be able to make the shift and become a networked organization.

I don’t think it will take ten years for many industries. Look at the hospitality industry and how it is being shaken up by a collaborative networked organization like AirBnB. Or at the taxi industry and the disruption created by Uber. In both cases, the whole process is not easy, nor without turbulence, and perhaps the current instigators will not be the networks of the future: but they did start the process.


Is your industry next?


The financial services industry already shows clear signs that small, fast and agile companies can make a dent in an old industry. Popularly nicknamed to Fintech, these companies can come up with solutions that the established order can not deliver. With solutions that customers want, they are a new competition that hurts the established financial industry. Just look into the news of last week and read about reorganizations and consolidations at several major banks.

How unlikely you might think it to be, it will happen to your industry as well. Whatever business you are in, the new multinational will be a collaborative one. A flexible organization, that will adjust itself to market demands and will be agile and swift to respond and will most often even be ahead of the game. So, better become a collaborative organization if your future is dear to you!


Collaboration opportunities are everywhere!


Think about it, what are you (or is your company) doing to become a collaborative organization?

Here are three easy ways to accelerate the collaborative process:

  1. Read my ebook25 tips for successful partnerships and alliances“. Browse through it and you might find some valuable tips that can be directly applied to your business.
  2. Contact me for a complimentary call to explore if Alliance mentoring will be helpful to you in your collaborative journey
  3. I am working on a new program that will guide you forward. It is a combination of training and 3 months of group coaching. We’ll discuss best practices and how you can apply them to your situation. You will work in real time with your peers anywhere in the world. The broad experience of the group will provide you with new insights to help you forward in a fast pace. Leave your name and email here if you want to be among the first to learn about this program.