Time flies! Sometimes it feels like only yesterday, that we had to get used to writing 2016 instead of 2015 and now 2017 is already around the corner. The year behind us might perhaps be best described as “unexpected”, as things have happened in the world that many people did not expect. Another word connected to 2016 is “safety”, as unfortunately in many places peaceful lives have been disturbed by attacks and unrest.

On a personal level, I would like to connect the word “excellent” to 2016. This year has been a good and healthy one, both for my family and for business – and with the right connected balance between the two. I sincerely hope that you as well can connect the word “excellent” to the year of 2016!

For 2017 I’m looking to link the words “collaborative movement” to my year. I intend to continue to move forward on my journey as an executive coach in the collaborative realm. A journey where you can expect more about leadership, collaboration, alliances, teamwork and coaching. In the plans are, amongst others, an online masterclass and new endeavors on the Camino to Santiago de Compostela; with opportunities for you to join me! More about that in the new year.

In this final article of 2016, I would like to wish you a wonderful Christmas time with your loved ones and a safe and good start of the New Year!