One of the reasons to work together in partnerships and alliances, is that it can be more efficient or cost effective than performing the task alone. Generally this principle is well understood. However, it is not always performed in such a way. Many people and organizations continue to perform certain tasks by themselves simply because they are used to it. Some of these tasks are not being considered their favorite and thus they are often on the backburner and only performed at the last possible moment. 

Health checks are an essential tool to keep your alliances & partnerships in a healthy state and to find areas for improvement. Again, a principle that is generally well understood. However, performing a health check is one of those tasks that often is on the backburner. It is a task considered to be important, but rarely urgent. When it becomes urgent it might be too late and your alliance might be more in need of intensive care type of help rather than a health check. 

The benefits of hiring outside help for a health check are clear, here are a few: 

  • It will offload the burden from your shoulders and the health check gets done on time, by experts,
  • The expert performing the health check will have an independent, unbiased view,
  • The deliverables will include a report with recommendations for improving your alliance,
  • It will help you to stay on the path of alliance success and prevent costly failures.

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