In my last column I wrote about times of transformation. However, what we are experiencing at the moment is no longer just a transformation. In the last two weeks large parts of the world have come to a screeching halt and the other parts that haven’t stopped have almost all moved into remote working. Streets have never been so quiet; it also seems to work well on fighting air pollution. 

Those are the positive side effects: no traffic jams and fresh air. 

But what does it mean for your alliances, can you continue with them and how do you manage the new ways of working with your partners? 

The current disruption might be, and feel, severe, it is (relatively) short term. Somewhere in the near future we will move on to a new normal. The disruption will be over, or it will become part of the new normal. So, right now, in the midst of all the turmoil, it is time to work on long term improvements.

What can you do? I have three suggestions for you:

  1. Improve your alliances: perform an alliance health check and use the results to create an action plan for transformation and long term improvement. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel of health checks. Schedule a “virtual coffee” call with me to explore how an independent alliance health check service will benefit you.
  2. Improve your skills: Anoop Nathwani and I have transformed our proven Alliance & Partnerships Masterclass into an online format. Lessons, cases, group work, and discussions: it will all take place online. On the 9th of April we will start with the first live online lesson. Find out more here!
  3. Watch the Fireside conversations between Anoop and me on essential topics for alliances. Perhaps we can inspire you with some ideas for improvements. View them here and keep checking this page as we will be adding more conversations soon. 

I always close my columns in the email newsletter with “enjoy your week” and I will do so in this article this time as well. These “down” times might be difficult, but they are easier to live through when we stay positive, have fun, and try to look for the possibilities. It brings you in an uplifting mood instead of a downward spiral.

Enjoy your week!