Erlend Bakke is an entrepreneur, owner of three companies and E. Bakkeauthor of the 1# International Bestseller ‘Never Work Again’. With Erlend, we are diving into a different aspect of collaboration: the aspect of outsourcing parts of your business to make it grow faster and allow you as a business owner to focus yourself on your strengths.

Erlend Bakke learned the need for outsourcing the hard way himself. After working for 36 hours without sleep on a project, he realized that there must be better ways to run the business. Erlend then not only started to outsource parts of his business, he also build an outsourcing business in the Philippines to make it easy for entrepreneurs to outsource parts of their business.

In this conversation with Erlend, we’re diving into the aspects of outsourcing in general and outsourcing to build a business and also the aspects of collaborating with a team at a distance and in a different time zone.

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