CBP47 - Laura McCluer Laura McCluer is Director Global Partnerships and Alliances at Ancile. In this episode of the Collaborative Business Podcast we talk about the way Ancile builds alliances with selective partners across the globe.

Laura brings a broad background to her current role and to our conversation and that shows. She is a strong advocate for people who aspire to become an alliance manager to first build such a broad experience.

The alliance role touches everything in an organization. It is a great role that requires people to understand the broader aspect of organizations and to do so, also requires more seasoned people to manage the alliances.

“The really cool thing about the alliances role is that you get to work with so many parts of the organization within your own company and within your partners company. I can’t think of another role in the company, other than the CEO, that touches everything.” 

The most important element of working with partners is understanding the how and the why. Asking a lot of questions and listening to understand the partner is crucial. Make sure you understand what drives your partner and how they are measured, up to the individual level, when is your partnership a success for your partner?

Tune into to this conversation with Laura to hear more about her great experience and to understand why even Christmas is about collaboration!

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Connect with Laura McCluer:

Website: ancile.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/pub/laura-mccluer/10/b75/245

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