Mike Burnette is the Founder and President of Partnership Source. He has overMike Burnette2 20 years of partnership experience with a variety of business-to-consumer market segments. Mike developed the first partnership marketing department at Hearst Magazines and was also the first director of the partnership marketing program at Meredith Corporation. Partnership Source was founded in 2011 and brings brands together for collaborative marketing.

In my conversation with Mike, we explore the topic of partnership marketing and discover many similarities with other kinds of business to business collaboration. Mike explains how he acts as a matchmaker in partnership marketing and sometimes actually runs the partnership in an outsourced model for his customers.

Mike shares a great example of a multi-partner collaboration where 8 partners benefitted as part of a promotion between Myrtle Beach and Cable Vision.

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Connect with Mike Burnette:

Website: http://www.partnershipsource.com/
Email: mike@partnershipsource.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/partnershipswin

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