How to make 2017 your best collaborative year yet

A new year, new opportunities. Many counters have been reset and you are on a journey to create another successful year with your collaborations. Like I mentioned last week, the best way to achieve the success you aspire for 2017 is to create a plan for each of your goals. A plan with concrete actions that define what you will do and when.

One of the actions you can take to make 2017 your best collaborative year yet, is to participate in the upcoming Alliance Masterclass. Many people have told me over time that they wanted to participate in one of my alliance classes, but that they did not have the opportunity to travel to the next alliance class. So, it was time to redesign the alliance training and take travel out of the equation. The new alliance training is an online bootcamp version of my classroom trainings: a masterclass that exists of 6 interactive live sessions.

This masterclass is for alliance managers, partner managers, business managers or advisors who want to learn how to create and manage highly successful alliances. I like to keep things practical: theory is good, applying it is better. So, this Alliance Masterclass has a highly practical focus: we will tailor the learnings of this masterclass to your daily work and discuss and share experiences among participants, just like in a regular classroom.

As a result of this masterclass you will know what you need to do to make 2017 your best collaborative year yet, like:

  • how to foster internal collaboration
  • how to create and manage successful alliances and partnerships
  • understand the key success factors for alliances
  • how to select the right partner
  • recognize when to innovate or transform your alliances
  • how to involve the right stakeholders

This is what Ryan Duffels, Global Partner Manager at Zebra Technologies and one of the participants in a previous classroom training said:

“I attended one of Peter’s workshops and it was an eye-opener for me. Not just the structure and work methods he offered but mostly his wealth of experience that he can use to reflect on your own situation and uncover areas for improvement.”

That is exactly what I aim to achieve for each of the participants in the online Alliance Masterclass: to bring structure, work methods, and experience and reflect it to your situation so that you can uncover areas for improvement!

The class will start on March 9, 2017, and will consist of three weeks of training, followed by three months of group coaching. In between, you will have my unlimited email support. To participate you need a quiet space in the comfort of your own environment, a computer with internet access, a camera, and a headset.

Are you ready to make 2017 your best collaborative year yet?

Click here to reserve your seat in the Masterclass.