When was the last time you talked to your coach?

You might think something like “why on earth would I work with a coach?”

In his article “Does everyone need coaching?”, Dave Brock describes the purpose of coaching as “to help people continually learn, improve, and grow”. With that purpose in mind Dave explains why coaching is essential for everyone and why everyone will get value from coaching.

What value? Well, first and foremost a coach will help you to reflect. Reflection will help you to identify areas for your improvement and your coach will help you to work on those improvements.

A life coach will help you improve personal life related developments and your business coach will help you to improve your performance on the job and to grow your business and make more money, if you desire so.

Having been in alliances for quite a while, I have seen many aspects of many organizations. In fact, the alliance function is one of the broadest functions in an organization as in alliances we touch upon every aspect of an organization.

You benefit from my experience; I bring a broad background to our coaching engagements, with sometimes quite unexpected viewpoints to your coaching questions. Next to that I ask questions, challenging questions, to better understand your situation and to inspire you to move forward.

As Dave mentions in his article, coaching is intensely personal and will be different for every person.

When you work with me as your coach, it can be about your alliances, your personal productivity, developing your startup, developing your career or executive stakeholder management, to name a few examples. Coaching can cover every topic and will always be tailored to your personal needs.

As Dave Brock nicely puts it: “Everyone needs to constantly learn, improve, and grow. […] Coaching is focused on the individual, where they are at now, what they need to grow, what they need to perform at the highest levels possible.

So, why do you need to work with a coach? To learn, improve and grow and do that, with help of an unbiased outside-in view, in a more effective way than you can do it on your own!

Contact me for your free introduction call with me and explore what coaching can do for you.

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