As there are many new subscribers to my  alliance inspiration email I would like to take the opportunity of using my bi-weekly email to re-introduce myself and my mission!

The future of business is in collaboration. Working together with other organisations and teams in Alliances & Partnerships is the best way to develop synergy and create speed.  In doing so, it enables the type of growth that can’t be grown by one company working alone. However, creating successful Alliances & Partnerships is something you can’t just do. It requires dedication and investment (amongst others) in time, in skills and in relationships. If done well the ROI will be tremendous as the benefits of Alliances & Partnerships greatly outweigh the investment.

Alliance Management is a profession, and in my humble opinion it is the best profession in the world. It can also be a solitary profession, as in many organisations as an Alliance Manager you would probably be one of few, if not any others. My mission, as an Alliance Leadership Coach, is to help you to excel and become the best you can be with your Alliances & Partnerships. I do so by being a sparring partner/coach for Alliance Leaders, by educating people in the art and science of successful Alliances & Partnerships and by assessing alliances and alliance professionals. 

Within this base there’s a broad spectrum of work with clients. Over the past 15 years, I have helped my clients do the following:

  • Set-up corporate alliance offices
  • Helped them grow and enhance their collaborative leadership skills
  • Acted as a non-judgmental yet constructive “critical” sounding board 
  • Guided the turn-around of failing alliances
  • Educated people and teams in the art and science of successful strategic alliances and partnerships, performed alliance health checks 
  • Assessed Alliance Managers
  • Coached joint venture teams and boards 
  • Coached alliance leaders in exploring next steps in their careers 
  • Guided and reunited poorly functioning alliance teams

The list will probably never be all-encompassing as, even though there are many commonalities in alliances, you are unique in your position, your company and your industry in relation to your Alliances & Partnerships. As such, my work is always tailored to the client’s situation. Curious to learn how I can help you in becoming the best you can be with your Alliances & Partnerships? Schedule a complementary call to explore.

“Working with Peter enables me to lead more effectively, increasing my stakeholder and corporate influence, designing more comprehensive alliance management transformation initiatives, and building and successfully leading my team.”

Head of Alliances, Global Biopharmaceutical Company

What Have I Been Reading:Partnering: Forge the Deep Connections That Make Great Things Happen”* by Jean Oelwang

Why Is It Relevant? Being a little biassed I expected this book to be about Alliances & Partnerships as we know them. However, it is much more than that! This book is about partnering on every level, building deep business and personal relationships to accomplish goals no one or no organisation can accomplish alone. Jean Oelwang illustrates her core principles of successful partnering with many examples of extraordinary partnerships and collaborations.