Last week I wrote about the risks of a rising interest in alliances and partnerships. Good preparation is half the work and it leads to increased chances of success, instead of risks. 

In the Alliance Masterclass we use a number of case studies to help participants practice the theory we discuss. Most of those case studies are from different industries than your own. We do that on purpose: a lot can be learned from situations outside of our own industry. It helps us to think outside the box and it helps us to find new perspectives to our own challenges.

One of the first cases we let you analyze and work on during our Alliance Masterclass, is a case about the alliance between Toyota and Tesla. In this alliance the two companies collaborate to develop a full electric version of Toyota’s RAV4 gasoline car. The scenario shows several stages in the lifetime of the alliance and that is one of the aspects that makes it a good basis for exercises in the Alliance Masterclass.

While working this scenario, participants will learn why good preparation is essential for success. The scenario teaches them how culture influences alliance decisions and what you can do to handle that. It also highlights the thin line between alliance failure and alliance success.

Was the Toyota-Tesla alliance successful? There are many perspectives to that question and I will leave that learning point open for discussion in the Alliance Masterclass! 

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