Learn to create and manage successful alliances & partnerships

Alliance Masterclass: Your Smart Guide To Increased Alliance Results



The alliance masterclass benefits both alliance teams and alliance professionals. The class provides you with practical tools and techniques to establish successful alliances and partnerships. Tools and techniques that you can start applying immediately after the class to increase the success of your alliances and partnerships. Additionally, the class helps to create one common language and way of working within your alliance teams.

The Alliance Masterclass is in an interactive format design so that participants apply best practices and principles to alliance management situations and choose the best course of action in solving a difficult situation. The masterclass has its focus on team problem solving within the context of case study scenarios, simulating the situations alliance managers face everyday and challenging participants to apply what they know.


What you will learn:

  • The Basics of Alliances & Partnerships;
  • How to apply Alliances & Partnerships to your business & increase results;
  • How the Alliance Lifecycle can help you manage healthy Alliances & Partnerships;
  • How to adapt everything you learn to your needs;
  • How to determine and select the right partner;
  • Work through case studies and discover possible solutions that suit your situation;
  • Exchange experiences with your classmates;
  • Determine the essential roles in Alliances & Partnerships;
  • Establish the key factors for successful alliances.

This open enrollment masterclass is based on the skills and competencies determined by the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP) as critical to the success of collaborative business relationships.

Peter delivered an outstanding session to our alliances team. His class is thought provoking and has led to many positive changes in our approach.Andrew McLaughlin - Director of Alliances Asia Pacific and Japan Micro Focus


Participant Profile

This masterclass is designed for alliance and business managers, who are involved in the [decision making] process of creating and managing alliances. 

Previous participants also included:

  • Directors and VP’s of Alliances;
  • General Managers;
  • Operation Managers;
  • Alliance Managers;
  • Marketing Managers;
  • Business Owners.

Alliance Masterclass – Key Benefits:

  • Learn what an alliance is;
  • How alliances & partnerships can be used in your organization;
  • Manage alliances & partnerships effectively;
  • Build trust & stakeholder alignment;
  • Measure progress & keep track of results;
  • Build a partner selection criteria model – fitted to create valuable partnerships;
  • Hands-on approach: apply best practices & tools to alliances & partnerships in your organization;
  • Refresh your knowledge before you apply for your professional certification examination.
This workshop helps a lot to professionalize the Alliances team and create a common framework for everybody to use.Tobias Nittel - Director Alliances SAS Institute

Alliance Masterclass – Outline

  • What are alliances?
  • Alliance specific strategy;
  • Analyzing & selecting partners;
  • Building trust & creating value.
  • Operational planning;
  • Alliance structuring & execution;
  • Launching & management;
  • Transform, innovate, exit;


Note: This outline covers the entire alliance lifecycle. 

  • The schedule allows us to dive deeper into topics that our participants find relevant;
  • We will discuss tools, practices and culture & behavior – also known as the soft elements of alliances.


Tools provided:

  • Glossary of Terms – Commonly used terms in alliance management. 
  • Scenarios – The course is built around experiential scenario learning.  We will review concepts and tools, and much of the learning comes from interaction with your teammates in solving the issues presented in these scenarios.  Scenarios represent multiple industry examples, but the learnings are applicable across all industries and alliance types.
    As an alternative to working with scenarios, we can choose to apply the learnings during the Masterclass on your current alliances. 
  • Worksheets and templates – many tools are provided within the context of the masterclass materials. 
  • eBooks:
    • The 4-step guide to successful partner selection
    • 25 tips for successful partnerships and alliances
    • Successful partnerships and strategic alliances



This Alliance Masterclass will be facilitated by Anoop Nathwani (UK) and Peter Simoons (NL).

Anoop Nathwani is a Senior Alliances and Partnerships professional, with over 20 years of professional experience in this area. He has extensive experience in developing and driving groundbreaking, transformational, innovative strategic business development initiatives through the establishment & development of global strategic alliances.

His experience spans a number of industry verticals, and particularly 15 years in the Telecommunications sector with companies such as Vodafone, Hutchison, and Nokia. Anoop worked both at a strategy/thought leadership level, as well as at an operational and execution level. He is also a co-author of a published strategy paper on the impact of motivations on Alliances, a topic that has not been covered before.

Anoop is the President Emeritus of ASAP UK (The Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals).


As an executive coach and alliances mentor with 34 years of business experience, the work of Peter Simoons sits at the intersection of collaboration and leadership. He supports business and alliance leaders around the world in unlocking their full potential — for themselves, with their teams, and in strategic partnerships with other organizations.

Throughout his three-decade long career, Peter has held managerial roles with various companies in the Netherlands. In 2001, he turned his focus towards alliances, taking on the role of Global Client Executive Healthcare with IBM before moving into the Alliance Executive position, where he was responsible for developing and managing global alliances with Royal Philips and NXP Semiconductors. Peter was President of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (Benelux) from 2008 to 2013 and later co-founded The Alliance Roundtable and Alliance Accelerator. He’s been working as an executive coach and alliances mentor since 2010.

Peter is a Certified Strategic Alliance Professional (CSAP) and a Certified Coach in the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching methodology


Register now:

29 & 30 October, London, UK (two-day class):
Regular price: EUR 2045,= (~GBP 1800,=) excl. VAT
Summer price: EUR 1345,= (~GBP 1200,=) excl. VAT (valid till 28 August)

11 & 12 November, Amsterdam, Netherlands (two-day class):
Regular price: EUR 1995,= excl. VAT
Summer price: EUR 1345,= excl. VAT (valid till 28 August)

26 & 27 November, Singapore (two-day class)
Regular price: EUR 2295,= (~SGD 3525,=) excl. VAT
Summer price: EUR 1595,= (~SGD 2449,=) excl. VAT (valid till 28 August)


The Alliance Masterclass is also available for in-house delivery, which will be customized based on your company’s needs. Click here to read more, or contact Peter to explore

Very useful training – makes alliance managers of every level of experience think about how to do things better and with more systematic reflection.Michael Kaschke - Alliance Director Reckitt Benckiser
This training was very thorough, highly interactive and provided an excellent basis for my later success in the examination.Ian Rothery - Managing Director FitchSolutions
I experienced Peter as an excellent and accessible trainer with expertise in alliance management, extremely helpful to trainees and as a gentle and warm person.Hans Ulrich Reitzel - Associate Consultant Integral
Peter took us on an exciting journey through the world of alliances. His hands-on approach gave me a backpack full of ideas how to make alliances work for my business.
I attended one of Peter’s workshops and it was an eye-opener for me. Not just the structure and work methods he offered but mostly his wealth of experience that he can use to reflect on your own situation and uncover areas for improvement. It gave me purpose and better focus in my work as a Global Partner Manager for Zebra.Ryan Duffels - Global Partner Manager - Zebra Technologies Netherlands B.V.