In a recent conversation I was asked if preparing for a proper alliance isn’t just common sense for an experienced business executive. Indeed, to some extent, it should be just common sense. The issue is that we are conditioned to do things the way we are used to. Often, we don’t allow time to think, the time needed in order for common sense to prevail over our first wave of enthusiasm. As a result, I have seen many situations where executives wanted to create alliances between their companies, simply because the executives liked each other. They suddenly forgot to include their common sense around elements like value proposition, business case, and partner fit.

So far for common sense.

That not only applies to creating alliances. In most cases where a coach comes in, one could say that everything is common sense. People could probably find the answers to their own questions simply by looking objectively in their own mirror. But there is the problem; we are biased when we look into our own mirror. That is what we all have in common.

So far for objectivity.

Those who let the mind prevail, will realize their own lack of objectivity. They will work with an experienced and objective coach who will help them find answers and can guide them into new territories. Or, they follow a course to find new solutions or to help unlock their situation.

That is common sense!