CBP-46: 4 steps to bridge the channel gap, with Steve Andrews

CBP46 - Steve AndrewsSteve Andrews is an independent consultant who helps technology vendors to unleash the revenue potential of their partnerships. Steve primarily works in the channel area of alliances, where he helps his customers build bridges between the technology vendor and the partner to ensure a better understanding between the two companies.

In this conversation with Steve we dive into the differences between alliances, sales and channel and you will hear Steve explain how he uses the visualization of a bridge to close the gap between the several partners.

Over time Steve developed a repeatable 4 step methodology to bridge the channel gap:

  • The solution that is being sold
  • The go-to-market program
  • Sales and Marketing team readiness
  • Sales execution

Steve developed the methodology with his ICT industry background and most of his customers are in the ICT industry as well. Will the methodology work within other industries?

Tune in and hear Steve’s perspective on this question, and many more.

Books mentioned in this episode:

Connect with Steve Andrews:

Website: andrews-consulting-group.com
Blog: Climbing Out of the Box
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/pub/steve-andrews/0/31/3aa
Twitter: @BoxClimber

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