CBP-41 The Being Leader - with Sujith RavindranSujith Ravindran recently published his new book “The BEING Leader: Tracing the ‘Inner Path’ of Legendary Leaders”. Sujith studied the qualities that made leaders legendary and in this book he describes the inner path of four legendary leaders: Dr. Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, M. K. Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln.

In my conversation with Sujith we discuss his book, the elements of a Being leader and the way collaboration plays a role for Being leaders. Obviously we dive into the way Sujith works with his team, more in ecosystem model rather than a traditional team, across the world.

Books mentioned in this episode:

Connect with Sujith Ravindran:

Website: sujithravdindran.com and beingatfullpotential.com
Twitter: @NotesFromSujith

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