Focus: many say that focus is the single most important habit we need in order to succeed in getting the results we want. Still, there are so many distractions in Today’s world and we gather so many things we don’t really need… It makes focus difficult. 

When my wife and I changed our house for a temporary one, we sent about two third of our household effects to a storage area. We thought that it would only last for about 3 months. When unpacking the storage container 15 months later, we looked at each other many times and said “why did we keep that?” Most of the items we put in storage, are items we did not really miss during those 15 months. There are also definitely some items we are grateful for to have back. However, the barn is now cluttered with many things we don’t need, together with 65 boxes we still have to unpack. In those boxes there are things we want, things we need and, you guessed it, things we don’t need. Those items distract our focus away from the things we need and it makes finding the needed items a daunting task. 

Where focus goes, energy flows. 

It is similar in your work: too many things, tasks, social media and meetings will clutter your workable time and distract your focus. 

Where is your focus? What are things you are going to say No to, in order to say Yes to your focus and get the results you want?

Consider a sparring partner to keep your focus