Working your alliance skills

Today is another workshop day for me. I am in Heidelberg in Germany and will be delivering a private in-house workshop for 10 alliance managers of a global organization working in the IT area. These 10 professionals come together to prepare for their CA-AM professional certification exam.

In-house workshops are based on the standard open enrollment workshop. After all they prepare for the same standard CA-AM certification. But in-house workshops are always a bit different. Today the workshop will focus on the specifics of the German company and Tomorrow a day of coaching is added to the workshop to have one on one coaching with the alliance managers to focus on their own specifics that still need attention before applying for the exam. With another client we are scheduling an in-house workshop that will put emphasize on the differences between their internal alliance process and the alliance lifecycle that is being examined at the CA-AM exam. Not that they are that far apart, but they differ enough to create confusion in the exam, hence the added attention to this topic in the workshop.

In-house workshops can be completely tailored, open enrollment is a standard workshop. Shortly an online self study system will be added to the portfolio. Interested to learn more? Read about the next open enrollment workshop (and register) or contact me to discuss an in-house workshop (today and Tomorrow will be slow on response, as you will understand), for the self study best to download the ebook and sign up for the newsletter in the right column and you will be informed shortly.