The second group of 3 competencies in Marshall Goldsmith’s 15 most important competencies for leaders, is all about working together with others. It is the group of competencies around engaging people, with competencies like “Developing People”, “Building Partnerships” and “Sharing Leadership”. These competencies are about collaboration.

When I read more into the details of these competencies, some elements jump out at me: building trust, forging partnerships, shared leadership with business partners, treating people with respect and dignity, collaboration focused on trust building to deliver on a common agenda / vision. These are the elements that are part of the soft skills that are required to create successful alliances and partnerships.

The Alliance Masterclass has its focus on that art and the science of successful alliances. Together with my alliance partner Anoop Nathwani, we will deal with the proven theory and make it very practical: we have both been in the trenches of alliance management. We have created and managed alliances, and from experience we know what works, and what does not. We earned our scars and we will share our stories, our failures and our successes. We will also discuss your alliance situations and work with you on ways to optimize your alliances. You will walk out of the masterclass with a personal actionlist to apply the learning to your work.