Now and then I need to bring my trusted Volvo to a mechanic for its regular maintenance. Over time I have tried a couple of mechanics: some worked well and with some it just did not click. Even though I have something with this 19-year-old brick – it is some kind of hobby for me – I am not a technician. So I look for a mechanic that will do the job, whom I can trust and who will tell me in understandable language what he did. I care about his skills, his eagerness and love for the car and his care for me as a client. Him I trust with my car. When I drive away after maintenance, I am satisfied and convinced that I can feel the difference in driving.

There are also other kinds of mechanics. Like the type that is proud of his technical knowledge or the one who likes to show off one of the shiny new tools he just bought. And there is the young one, barely older than my car, who wants to connect my car to a computer and does not have a clue that the only connected element in this 19-year-old car is its Bluetooth car kit.

In our businesses, I can see many similarities. There are plenty of tools that my colleagues and I can use. We have alliance processes and toolboxes, coaching methodologies, team building exercises, and all kind of certifications to show off our capabilities. How valuable these are, if I would care more for these tools than for you and the results that are important to you, I would quickly be out of business.

I’m in it for your success! My tagline “Inspire to Aspire” refers to the fact that I see it as my role to guide you, and to Inspire you to achieve the success that you Aspire. In my role as your guide, as your coach, it is my responsibility to pick the right tool from my toolbox when appropriately needed. Your success is my success! The measurement of success goes further than just your assessment of your success. It is also how your organization perceives it. Only then you can grow further within your working environment.

When you are looking, internally or externally, for someone who can help you with your work in alliances, your leadership or your teams, then find someone whom you can trust, who will tell you in understandable language what needs to be done. Someone who can guide you on the journey to success and shows you the shortcuts and protects you from common pitfalls.

Here is the point where the analogy with my trusted Volvo stops: my mechanic will do the work for me… However, when we talk about alliances, leadership, and teamwork, you can be guided and coached, but you will need to perform the real collaborative leadership work yourself!