Strategic Alliances & Partnerships

No company can go it alone

Business partnerships and strategic alliances are an increasingly important strategic way to help organizations grow. In 1998 Yves Doz and Gary Hamel already wrote “No Company can go it alone” as the opening statement of their book “Alliance Advantage ”.

Today strategic alliances are more applicable than ever. The challenge is to create and maintain alliances in a successful way. They bring a different dynamic than organic growth, with less control and more need for trust.


How to create successful alliances

Creating successful alliances and partnerships is both an art as a science. It will ask for the right attitudes, behaviors, and culture in an organization as well as processes and tools to make it work. When done ad-hoc, alliances have a high failure rate, when done right alliances have a high chance of success. And done right it will save you a lot of time and money.

So why are some companies so highly successful in all the partnerships and alliances they create? Is it luck or do they have something that others don’t have? The reality is that successful companies just do things differently. They follow a structured approach and stick to it consistently.


Are you looking to create successful alliances & partnerships?

As an Executive Coach and Alliance Mentor, I guide my customers on their journey to successful strategic alliances & partnerships.

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