Late last century I was involved in a joint venture together with a partner. Enthusiastic as we were, my partner and I were already building the company before the actual contract was closed. At hindsight that opportunistic approach probably fitted well in the whole dot. com era. Unfortunately it did not lead to a successful collaboration and early 2000 the joint venture collapsed, leaving both of us with a financial debt and a separation in businesses. We would never do business together again.

Operating the joint venture before the contract was closed was not the only mistake we made. Having specialized in strategic alliances and partnerships since that experience, I know now that we made almost every mistake we could have made.

Unfortunately many people and companies still make similar mistakes.
How about you? Are you making these same mistakes?

Since this experience in 2000 I have specialized myself in the area of strategic alliances and partnerships with the aim to help my clients do greater things and create better, more successful alliances. Normally I work with clients in one on one situations or in workshops situations, but to be able to help more people with the creation of successful alliances and partnerships I have developed the online Alliance Mastery program. This program will teach you the critical success factors for strategic alliances and partnerships. As it is an online program, you can learn and practice your alliance skills whenever and wherever you want. If you are interested in professional certification in alliance management, the program will also help you to prepare for your exams.

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