I was thinking of a theme for 2023 and somehow the word “change” kept coming back to mind.  Now, this is not so strange as we’ve all experienced a lot of change during the past few years. Beit for instance the global pandemic or an energy crisis, both challenged our ability to change and adapt. However, I was wondering,  is change a theme for just this coming year, or is change a constant?

One of the first conversations I had this year was with Phil Johnson about the change that many traditional organisations need to undergo in order to survive in the long run. During our conversation Phil highlighted how EQ (emotional intelligence) is more important than IQ for companies to change and survive. That, of course, resonated with me as managing alliances is almost all about relationships and emotional intelligence (EQ). 

I usually compare the role of an alliance manager to being a conductor in an orchestra. They need to unify the alliance partners and their team members. Just like a conductor needs to ensure the orchestra plays in tune by unifying its performers. Hence alliance management is about relationships, emotional intelligence and influencing without authority.

The alliance management process provides guidance when change is required

Besides these people skills, alliance managers obviously need to master the understanding and use of the alliance management process. This simple, yet effective process guides the creation and management of alliances in a structured way. Also, when change in an alliance is required (which will happen sooner or later), the alliance management process provides guidance.

For optimal alliance results not only do alliance managers need to know the alliance management process, everyone involved in an alliance needs to have a basic understanding of the alliance management process. Comparing this to the conductor and the orchestra; the musicians also understand the elements of the process of playing together to create something bigger than what they can accomplish alone.

For that purpose Anoop Nathwani and I have created the online course Creating Successful Partnerships. This is a comprehensive, step-by-step course that was already part of the Alliance Masterclass and is now available as a separate product. It is especially suitable for new alliances & partnerships professionals, as well as all team members involved in any way with alliances or partnerships. 

When you sign up for the Creating Successful Partnerships course you will also become a member of the Alliance Accelerator community and gain access to, amongst others, alliance news, whitepapers, fireside chats and an alliance toolbox.

In the light of a quote from one of my favourite podcasters, Jenny Blake, “If change is the only constant, let’s get better at it.”  I ask you – what are you going to do to be ready for (and to deal with) change in your alliances?