Plans normally need adjustment as time moves forward and circumstances change during the execution of a plan. Enter 2020 and the world isn’t anything like you anticipated it would be when writing your alliance & partnership plans for this year. What did you do with those plans? Did you change them, adjust them, or did you throw them away to start all over?

I see 2020 as a year of disruptive transformation; I see it as a year full of opportunities. Collaboration is the only way forward and we have seen many new alliances and partnerships arise. Cross sector partnerships like KLM teaming up with Philips, and competing organizations like GSK and Sanofi teaming up. Also public private partnerships are on the rise, where we see governments team up with companies to battle the pandemic. 

Whether you are in a short term, corona battling, partnership or in a long term strategic alliance, there are 7 key alliances success elements that are critical to your collaborative success. On the 29th of April, Anoop Nathwani and I walked people through these elements in a free online training. We will specifically enlightened the participants on the three most critical elements that they need to adhere to in creating successful alliances and partnerships.

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