Often I talk to people one on one about their role in business. Most of the time these conversations are to explore ways to optimize. To explore how they can improve their business or their role or how they can prepare for the next step in their career. In these conversations, I ask questions. Challenging questions, clarifying questions, inspirational questions and I give suggestions.

Opportunities are everywhere. I always see a solution, and that solution is more often than not within the realm of collaboration. Am I slightly suffering from a form of occupational disability or is it simply a matter of positive thinking? I tend to opt for the latter.

It is not that I would say that a “don’t worry, be happy” attitude is the answer to everything, but seeing possibilities rather than difficulties, makes life and business a lot easier. However, seeing possibilities is not always easy. When change is imminent, it is easier to worry about the possible risks the change might bring. This is like the old saying: we suffer the most from the suffering we fear.

So, it’s time to turn it around and look at the bright side of life. What can you do? Talk to your coach! You can also do some work yourself. Analyze the challenges and assess and eliminate the risks one by one by asking yourself questions. Ask questions like “what happens if …” or “what is the worst thing that can happen if …” followed by “what can I do if that worst thing happens?”

With that last question, you are turning difficulties into possibilities. It often appears that even the supposedly worst scenario is not so bad at all, as it can bring new opportunities. The exercise is simple, yet will be easier to perform when you do it together with someone who will coach, challenge and inspire you. Someone who will inspire you to achieve the success you aspire.

To remind you of a positive attitude you can set some triggers in your work environment. For instance, draw a few smileys in your calendar, or on your notepad – if you still have paper ones. Put a small card in your pocket with a written trigger to remind you of it. Every time you see these triggers or smileys, they will help you to be aware of the need for positive thinking. Simple and effective!

Obviously while writing this article I could not help but think of Bobby McFerrin’s song from 1988. Turn up the volume and click here! 😉

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