OliebolEvery year late in December my website platform sends me an overview of the most read articles on my website. With a good cup of coffee and a traditional Dutch “Oliebol” this is always a good moment to look back:

Many of the articles in the top 5 as shared by my website platform have already been on the website for multiple years. All of these articles in the top 5 are related to the topic of Strategic Alliances, which is quite logical given my focus of the past 5 years.

There are a few runner ups from the last year that did not make it into the top 5 and these are almost all connected to my Camino to Santiago de Compostela and the lessons I learned there. The top runner up has interestingly enough been posted only two weeks ago: “3 leadership lessons from a 900km walk“.

Here is the top 5 of most read articles on my website of 2014:

  1. What makes an Alliance Manager?” is outlining the basics of the function of an alliance manager and has been on top of my website stats already for 3 years.
  2. Strategic Alliances: A small business example” describes my own small business example of establishing a strategic alliance.
  3. 25 tips for successful partnerships & alliances” is an article from 2014 and provides an overview of 25 tips one should keep in mind while establishing a strategic alliance. The free ebook with the same name takes the 25 tips to a deeper level.
  4. What is a strategic alliance?” dives into the basic question many people ask and at the same time a question many people take for granted.
  5. Why would you partner in strategic alliances?” is another article addressing the often overlooked basics of strategic alliances.

In 2014 I released 42 episodes in the Collaborative Business Podcast. Here is the top 5 of episodes with the most “listens”:

  1. CBP-22: Building a Healthcare business in Africa with York Zucchi
  2. CBP-26: App Development with Alex Genadinik
  3. CBP-9: Alliance networks and ecosystems with Troy Gautier
  4. CBP-21: Philips and Strategic Alliances with Cees Bijl
  5. CBP-8: Keep Innovating in Alliances with Ard-Pieter de Man

In one of the upcoming articles I will be sharing my plans for 2015.

Happy New Year!