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In this free one hour webinar you will learn how you can apply a pragmatic, yet structured, 3 step alliance success approach for creating successful partnerships and alliances.

Successful alliances are created by following a structured approach and are operated with a continuous focus on balancing risk, control and trust while building relationships.

Lego - ShellHowever, even when everything is running smoothly and your partnership has been in operation for nearly 50 years, things might happen that are beyond your control. That’s exactly what happened last week to Shell and Lego. Their partnership was killed by a YouTube video and a campaign from Greenpeace!

This shows us once again that you can not control everything in a partnership. Powerful outside forces can find a ground to attack your partnership and with that they are able to kill your alliance.

A solid partnership foundation is the best line of defense against partnership threats. A partnership foundation consists of a good alliance design, a continuously improving partnership operation and strong relationships between the partners, ceaselessly orchestrated by an alliance manager.

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Photo source Flickr user Erol