Ongoing preparation

After I made the decision to walk the Camino to Santiago de Compostela in 2013 my preparation has started. But 7 months in advance preparation may not be the most exciting topic to write about. It is basically twofold: walking and reading. Walking to maintain and improve the overall walking condition and reading to read and learn a lot about the Camino and experiences from earlier Pilgrims to Santiago.

Especially the reading part of the preparation helped me to make some additional decisions about the Camino. My original plan was to start in Le Puy en Velay in France and then walk for 1540 km in two months to Santiago de Compostela. However reading the experiences from earlier Pilgrims I realize that not every part of the Camino can be planned in advance. In contrary, one better take the Camino as it comes. So when you need some time for rest, take the time, when you feel for a shorter day route than originally planned, do it. Striving to walk 1540 km in two months then becomes challenging. So my first decision as result of this preparation is to start in France closer to the Spanish border, maybe in St Jean Pied de Port or one of the other cities closer to the border. Then I only will walk the “Camino Francés” which is about 803km, it will allow to walk the Camino in a more adjusted style and speed and it will probably also allow some time to walk after Santiago de Compostela to Finisterre; to finish the Camino in traditional old style.

In the walking part of the preparation I Today made a 10 km hike with my sister. One of the first roads we walked gave me a vision of the Camino; it was a small walking path through the forrest with people walking on the horizon and people walking behind us. I can envision walking similar paths on the Camino in 2013.