A couple of years ago, I realised that it is never too late to work on one’s body flexibility. My general flexibility was hard to find and Yoga seemed to be the best form of exercise to locate it!

To begin with, I was a bit anxious about it. Was Yoga really my thing?

I wasn’t sure, but I was prepared to give it a go. After an initial consultation with my now Yoga instructor I joined her local Yoga studio and started my journey with a class in Yin Yoga. Although the poses felt odd and sometimes farfetched, I benefited from the weekly practice and even felt increased flexibility.

Then the pandemic appeared and all of my yoga lessons continued through video. For me, the real downer during the video lessons was the missing personal support and correction. Even though I felt like I was doing the right poses I started to feel my lower back in a painful way after each lesson. I was clearly doing something wrong and so I quit Yoga. So much for increased flexibility!

Yet, I missed it! After the last lockdown I reached out to my Yoga Instructor again and requested a few personal lessons. It made a huge difference! Now I do not only enjoy just a private lesson, but I also have a completely tailored session.

Each lesson zooms in to what my body needs and I get clear instructions on what to do. My Yoga Instructor sees and knows how far I can push myself in a pose and encourages me to reach that limit. This gives me new insights into my body, I can often go further than I think I can.

Working with a personal Yoga Instructor makes a world of difference to me! Those few personal lessons have now turned into a personal lesson every week: my Tuesday mornings are now “me-time”, firmly reserved for Yoga. Welcome back increased flexibility! 

The experience of working with a personal Yoga Instructor can be similar to working with a personal Alliance Coach in your business.

In regular sessions, your Alliance Coach will be your sparring partner and keep you accountable as well as help you to find new insights about your alliance skills and practice. Alliance Coaching will help you to increase your alliance flexibility on your journey to alliance excellence! 

Consider it: click here to schedule a complimentary call with me to explore if Alliance Coaching is right for you.