Last week, my brother reminded me of something our father used to say. It goes more or less like “If you would know everything in advance, you would only need a dime to travel the world.” He was a wise man, our father.

The saying is self explanatory. As little boys growing up, we might have been a bit stubborn… We wanted to know more in advance. I guess that is the reason we still remember the saying well, as our father must have repeated it a couple of times to us.

Predicting the future is impossible. So, no predictions from me for 2019, just one question to consider.

You’ve probably heard of the saying “If you keep on doing what you always did, you will get the results that you’ve always got”. Connected to that saying is my question for you, to consider while entering the new year:  

What are you going to do different in 2019 to get the results, both in life and in business, that you aspire?

Happy New Year!