A few weeks ago we had severe snowfall in the Netherlands. To put that in perspective: in the area where I live it turned out to be about 25cm of snow. That might not be a lot for many countries, but it is a lot for the Netherlands, as we have many winters without snow at all. The snowfall disrupted all traffic in the Netherlands. Flights got canceled, trains delayed and the 2017 record for traffic jams got broken. The whole country was talking about it.

The snowfall developed a gorgeous landscape. Beautiful for the kind of winter walks that are cold, in a subtle fashion: walkabouts with family and friends, whereby you gather around the cozy fireplace afterwards to warm up with your hands around a hot drink. In December, those are the moments that make you wonder about the Christmas days ahead: “Are we going to have a white Christmas this year?

Now Christmas day is here. Whether it is a warm or a white Christmas for you, I wish you a fabulous Christmas time with your loved ones!