It is obvious that if you are working in alliances, partnerships, or any other kind of collaboration, it will lead to better results when working together. Working together does not mean that you are doing the same work, together. It means that you are jointly working towards the commonly agreed goals. Each with your own roles and responsibilities and together in a constructive manner.

As obvious as it is – that together leads to better results – there are still many collaborations that don’t collaborate. The people in these teams or alliances often work too much from an egocentric perspective, rather than from a collaborative one. Also, these collaborations often miss the proper groundwork. A clear goal and strategy are missing and there are no operating principles defined. Company values are there to define the culture of a company: in the same manner are the operating principles there to define the culture of a collaboration. 

Wouldn’t it be more effective when your partner or colleague speaks the same alliance language? Wouldn’t it make the collaboration easier when you use the same tools? From experience I can tell you that alliances are also better when working according to the same methodology, according to the same tools and when you use the same alliance language.

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After all, it’s better together!