Clarity precedes Alliance MasteryLast week I had some great experiences standing in front of two totally different audiences. One was lecturing for a group of people from local governments and healthcare, the other was facilitating a training for a multinational. Both were about strategic alliances, with highly interactive groups.

They were two different audiences, but with many similarities. The most common thread that came back quite often in the conversations, was the need to create clarity in many aspects of your alliances.

In my recently published book “25 Tips for Successful Partnerships and Alliances” at least 5 tips are related to creating clarity:

  • Tip 2: “Be clear on you reason for partnering”, is about making sure that you’re diving into a partnership for the right reasons.
  • Tip 5: “Create a contribution matrix” highlights a powerful tool to create clarity upfront about the contributions and benefits in a partnership.
  • Tip 10: “Be clear on the roles and responsibilities” is about another powerful tool that will help you  clarify roles and responsibilities early on in the relationship.
  • Tip 17: “Communicate, Communicate, Communicate” is about clarity in, you guessed it, communication. Being one of the cornerstones of every relationship, communication needs to be done timely and accurately.
  • Tip 19: “Be clear with your prospective partner on the terms you use” is about creating clarity in terms and setting a common vocabulary for your partnership.

You can read more about these tips in my book, which you can find here on Amazon for your Kindle and here in a variation of formats for other different reading devices. Make sure to also read tips 13, 16, 18 and 21 for creating even more clarity with your partners!

Some more excitement is coming up shortly, that will help you to create clarity in your partnerships and alliances: my team is working hard to relaunch the Alliance Mastery membership. This new version is going to offer you a wealth of white papers, downloadable tools, monthly webinars, Q&A sessions and real alliance cases, to name just a few.

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