CBP-58: Corporate Alliances with Russ Buchanan

Russ BuchananAs vice president of worldwide alliances for Xerox Corporation, Russ Buchanan develops strategic partnerships with some of the world’s best-known IT services and product companies. He and his team have extensive experience in creating collaborative solutions for improving document-driven business processes designed around delivering measurable results for clients.

In my conversation with Russ we dive into alliances at Xerox and explore how Russ build his experience initially in the services business of Xerox, that now is being extended onto the corporate level of Xerox.

Russ’ number one recommendation for organizations entering into business collaborations like alliances is build around the discipline and art in creating alliances. As Russ states ”there is no reason to reinvent and pioneer an area that is already well established” so go out and hire external help from experts who have already experienced it before.

In the interview it almost looks as if we agreed upon the book reference Russ would be bringing, but we did not. As part of his book recommendation Russ is already referring to next week’s podcast with Ben Gomes-Casseres when he recommends Ben’s new book “Remix Strategy”

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/russ-buchanan/1/875/54b

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