Announcing a partnership without disclosing the partner

In my daily walk through the alliance announcements this announcement from UQM caught my eye this morning. It is a press release with all the elements that you would expect from an alliance announcement. It tells what the intention of the alliance is, there is a quote by a senior executive, some market expectations, background on the company, all information but one essential element. The announcement does not disclose who the partner is. In every sentence where normally a partner name would appear there is a reference to “Chinese company” or “China-based partner”, but the name is not revealed. 

UQM Technologies, Inc. (NYSE MKT: UQM), has signed a memorandum of understanding with a major Chinese company for the development and marketing of UQM electric propulsion systems for New Energy Vehicles in China.

It feels like UQM wants to stay on the safe side, after all it is a MOU, so no signed alliance agreement yet. Bringing out an announcement for such a major market may help boost stock performance which might be the actual purpose of the announcement. But leaving out the partners name adds a lot of question marks to the announcement.