CBP-51 - Amber VilhauerIn the previous two episodes of the collaborative business podcast I have been looking forward to collaboration in 2015 with two long time alliance experts. Those insightful conversations looked predominantly at expectations for strategic alliances in the corporate world. In this episode we are shifting gears and looking ahead with Amber Vilhauer into collaboration for entrepreneurs in 2015.

As you will hear, Amber quickly focusses on online as the big enabler for collaboration. Working with a team of 10 people in the USA and South Africa herself, Amber knows like no one else how working online can stimulate collaboration. Testing her on a quote I recently heard on a podcast, Amber sees no real benefits over face to face collaboration versus online collaboration. With the modern day tools we have at our disposal, collaboration can be seamless across borders.

Tune in to listen to this lively conversation with Amber Vilhauer and learn some potential new ways of collaborating online as an entrepreneur!

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Connect with Amber Vilhauer:

Website: ambervilhauer.com
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ambervilhauer
Twitter: @AmberVilhauer

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