CBP-65: HR Tech Alliances with Larry Cummings and Ward ChristmanThis episode of the Collaborative Business Podcast features two guests, Larry Cummings and Ward Christman. Larry and Ward are co-founders of HR Tech Alliances, a new global portal just for those involved in Alliances & Partnerships in the HR Tech industry. It is a portal for the vendors to connect with other vendors to do more business with each other and HR Tech Alliances plans to help them discover, create and manage Alliances & Partnerships.

That was for me a good reason to invite Larry and Ward to the Collaborative Business Podcast for a conversation about their partnership and HR Tech Alliances. In our conversation we explore what their new initiative HR Tech Alliances entails and how they are building it. As clearly expressed HR Tech Alliances is not a company but a network, an eco system, where people and companies can join and share.

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Connect with Larry Cummings and Ward Christman:

Website: hrtechalliances.com
Twitter: @hrtechalliances
Twitter Ward: @hrtechadvisor
Twitter Larry: @chief_connector

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